Jeffery Deaver is back with yet another ingenious, deceptive killer “The Coffin Dancer”. A great read as the story unfurls shocking suspense.

Coffin Dancer - Jeffery Deaver


Crime, Detective, Murder Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


Jeffer Deaver


4 Stars Out Of 5


Detective Lincoln Rhyme, the foremost criminalist in the NYPD and Amelia Sachs, his beautiful red haired crime scene partner are put on a trail of world’s most terrifying professional killer – The Coffin Dancer. He once eluded Lincoln Rhyme by killing his two of the best tech professionals. This time Rhyme is determined to nail him.

There is only one clue which leads to Coffin Dancer - A tattoo on his arm of the Grim Reaper waltzing with a woman in front of a coffin. Once hired to kill someone, that someone is just a corpse to Coffin Dancer. He is surpassingly cunning in killing people. This time he has been hired to kill three witnesses. Would Rhyme and Amelia be able to stop him?

Book Review

All novels from Jeffery Deaver in Lincoln Rhyme Series have few things in common i.e. surpassing research, ample forensic details and shocking suspense towards the end of the story. “The Coffin Dancer” is no exception to that. It gets better and better as pages turn. Jeffery Deaver has come up with the most cunning and cruel killers in all his novels in Lincoln Rhyme Series. The coffin dancer is one more exemplar of his grotesque yet ingenious killers. It is amusing to read rhyme solving labyrinth of clues to reach coffin dancer.

Jeffery Deaver is a crime thriller writer. But at the same time the amount of research he does for making the novel entertaining is worth noting. In coffin dancer other than forensic details he has done abundant research in aviation industry. Emergency landing scene of plane, the communication between flight pilot and flight controllers show that Deaver has put lots and lots of efforts in writing this novel. It brings so much curiosity about the topic that you can not put the book down.

Jeffery Deaver has always excelled in sticking in rich forensic details in his books. Coffin Dancer is one more feather in his successful work of crime fictions with exceeding forensic science scenes. The way Rhyme and Amelia arrive to conclusion with evidences collected from crime scenes is truly amusing. Rhyme can deduce the perp’s whereabouts just by looking at the paltry evidences like fibers, sand, bullet shells etc. But this time Rhyme has equally smart criminal to deal with. The Coffin Dancer works on one principal i.e. Deception. He can outsmart rhyme, he can fool forensic science too by deceiving. It is as if a rough roller-coaster ride  to see rhyme and coffin dancer trying to outsmart each other.

The main beauty of this novel is in it’s sheer false ending. The suspense in the end would leave you flabbergasted. I thought I had guessed the perp but trust me not even rhyme could have thought who the killer is. The clever twist a the end of the plot makes the novel one of the best works of Jeffery Deaver.

Rating & Conclusion

I would RECOMMEND “The Coffin Dancer” to every crime fiction lover. Amusing flight aviation scenes, abundant forensic details, complete reversal of the plot and sheer false ending makes the novel hard to put down. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5. Sheer entertainer.

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Posted by: Pravin Patil
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