Irresistible. “Odd Thomas” is a perfectly written chronicle of suspense, dark humor and love.

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz

Genre – Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal
Author – Dean Koontz
Rating – 4.5 Stars Out Of 5


The Dead don’t talk. I don’t know why.” But they do try to communicate, with a short-order cook in a small desert town serving as their reluctant confidant. Meet Odd Thomas, the unassuming young hero of Dean Koontz’s dazzling New York Times bestseller, a gallant sentinel at the crossroads of life and death who offers up his heart in these pages and will forever capture yours.

Sometimes the silent souls who seek Odd our want justice. Occasionally their otherworldly tips help him prevent a crime. But this time it is different. A stranger comes to Pico Mundo, accompanied by  a horde of hyena-like shades who herald an imminent catastrophe. Aided by his soul mate, Stormy Llewellyn, and an unlikely community of allies that includes the Kind of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Odd will race against time to thwart the gathering of evil. His account of these shattering hours, in which past and present, fate and destiny converge, is a testament by which to live-an unforgettable fable for our time destined to rank among Dean Koontz’s most enduring works.


This is my first Dean Koontz novel and it is awesome. I am going to read more of Dean Koontz. I liked everything in this novel. Characters, their interaction with each others and most importantly the theme of the novel. “The dead don’t talk…”. This first line itself is compelling enough to adore the book. Author has created a very nice world in his novel. A guy named Odd Thomas, a short-order cook by profession, can see dead. They can’ t talk to him but they can convey their feelings to him. This one limitation of the dead fills the suspense in the novel. Dean Koontz used this theme very nicely. One thing I must mention here is the humor. Dean Koontz made each and every conversation in the novel very humorous. Be it between dead and Odd or Odd and his girlfriend or anyone. It is amusing. The sheer purpose of the book is to entertain the reader. Believe me, Dean Koontz’s every conversation is entertaining in every inch.

The book is full of ups and downs. At some places it takes the suspense level to the peak. I found it difficult to put the book down. But then at some other places I thought that the book is being stretched. But the instances of downs were lesser than the ups. Overall, author developed a very intriguing suspense and built the story around it. But it not the suspense only around which the story revolves. The love relationship developed between Odd and his girlfriend, Stormy is awesome. I re-read many conversations between these two. Because they were very funny and at the same time they were romantic. Dean Koontz has excelled in developing these two characters surpassingly. Also the interaction of dead and Odd is amusing, intriguing and keeps reader busy till the end.

I said that I liked everything in the book, but still why rating of 4.5 instead of 5 then. I would have loved to rate it 5 star. But I honestly speaking, I felt that the suspense level built by the author throughout the story was underutilized at the end. I was expecting a very big thing to happen but I was little let down. But still the end is moving. It is compelling. The end would leave you crying……for sure. The characters are adorable. The sequence of events and humorous way of telling if entertaining. The co-incidences are woven to yield a perfect paranormal novel.

Overall a worth reading novel.

Rating & Conclusion

I would RECOMMEND “Odd Thomas” to every reader. A very nice theme brilliantly done. I would rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Posted by: Pravin Patil
Last revised: 22 Apr, 2014 10:11 AM


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