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Contrived plot, But a good read as Jeffery Deaver lets suspense clock tick till the last page.

Genres – Crime, Detective, Murder Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Author – Jeffery Deaver

My Rating – 3 Star Out Of 5

Synopsis of the plot

A proficient serial killer is on the loose killing his victims and placing clocks at every crime scene. NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme and his assistant, Detective Amelia Sachs are once again staged for an arduous task of stopping the killer and capturing him. The killer is so meticulous in his task that leaves no trails behind and keeps Rhyme and Amelia busy guessing his next move. What actually the killer has in mind, what is the motive for slew of the killing, could Rhyme cease the killer…..Read this high-grade suspense to find what the master of illusion, Jeffery Deaver can deliver.


Jeffery Deaver is considered as the master of illusion. He develops the story and twists so nicely that user is forced to believe something which turns out to be other way round. Reader is persuaded to make his mind to believe some character in the story is the perp, but Jeffery Deaver simply takes U-turn to let reader realise that he was wrong. He does it so naturally that reader is left astonished with the conclusive events. But honestly speaking, The Cold Moon has too many twists and turns which make it hard to believe. By the time I could digest an already developed twist, Jeffery Deaver made one more twist. So many twists and turns made the plot more artificial. The end was so weird that I found it too difficult to believe.

After having read The Vanished Man and The Bone Collector - Both By Jeffery Deaver I was expecting a lot from him, but I was a bit disappointed with The Cold Moon. The main plot seems contrived, it doesn’t look natural. Lincoln Rhyme fans, please forgive me for such a harsh statement. It looks as if the author is simply trying to reach to the already decided end result. At the start author could keep reader on the edge with the suspense and spellbound sequence of events, but as the story unfolds, reader realises that the plot is more artificial and less plausible.

Jeffery Deaver was very much successful in building characters in both The Bone Collector and The Vanished Man. He had developed the characters like Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs, Mel Cooper, Thom so well that the reader was expecting a lot more from these characters in this novel too. But I personally feel that author could not do justice to these already developed characters in The Cold Moon. The lack of character development is mainly because of poorly handled plot. One new character was introduced in this novel – Kathryn Dance. I loved the conversation of Kathryn Dance and the victims. The way Kathryn Dance arrives at some conclusion based on body language was awesome. Full points to the author in that segment.

Even though the plot is not at par with Jeffery Deaver’s standard, it still entertains the reader. Lincoln Rhyme is one of the best detectives in the crime world, The Cold Moon is one more proof for it. Jeffery Deaver, whose novels are famous for his forensic details does write the forensic crime fiction so nicely that the reader can’t put the book down even after realising a manipulated plot.

Rating & Conclusion

I would NOT RECOMMEND this book to the crime fiction lovers. Jeffery Deaver has delivered much more better novels than this. This is not a true Jeffery Deaver novel. I would rate The Cold Moon 3 star out of 5.

Posted by: Pravin Patil
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